Valley of the Dolls

Cassandra Rizzuto - Monday, July 18, 2011

I did a shoot for The Rock MyWedding  girls and here are a few of my favorite pictures. This shoot was styled by the Rock My Wedding Team and shot by Julia Boggio at Non Such Mansions in Surrey.

Katy Messer was the fabulous make Up artist that worked her magic on all three of the models that we got to work with.

Check out the Wrap Film!!!

For the Dolly Rock Look I did a simple but structured beehive style with some height to compliment Serina's Violet toned hair. 

For the Dolly Pop part 1 look Chara was the perfect model and with her hair I did a Minnie Mouse inspired bow that was pulled high up into a pony tail and made into the bow. For Chara'sDolly Pop Part 2 look but still in the Dolly Pop theme I only had to lightly backcombe her beautifully thick hair and wrapped it into a bun and secured with pins.

On to the Dolly Daydream which again was perfectly fitted to Sylwia as her skin was absolutely beautiful. To keep with in the day dream look I kept Sylwia's hair very soft and flowing. I culred her hair into barrel curls and then combed them out with my fingers while working alot of shine oil into her hair.  This was a great shoot as all of the looks were different from each other.

Rock N Roll Paris Adventure

Cassandra Rizzuto - Monday, July 18, 2011

Ah I LOVE Paris and it is one of my favorite cities in Europe to visit. By now I am sure that everyone knows who Kat Williams is of RocknRoll Bride. I did not know who she was until Penny Merricks of Tigerlily Weddings asked me to come along to Paris to do her hair for her Mary Antoinette inspired shoot with the talented photographers David Mcneil and Shell deMar. Alison Cameron was doing Kat's Make up and Penny was styling the shoot with Ian Stuart Dresses from his Revolution Rocks Collection and a variety of Jewelery. 

Kat's hair was lying at her shoulders so for this style I had to colour some hair extensions to her colour of Baby Pink by Stargazer. I used a home made hair sponge and attached that to the top of Kat's head and build a beehive around it. Once that was done I then attached the extensions to give Kat her style. I also used Batiste Dry Shampoo to give Kat the white powdery look to her hair. Batiste Dry Shampoo always sprays powdery so make sure you give your hair a blast with a hair dryer to take away the powder look. You can see the rest of the shoot at Mary Antoinette.

British Hair Awards Finalist 2009

Cassandra Rizzuto - Monday, July 18, 2011

In 2009 I started to work a few days a week in Athertoncox Salon based in Marylebone, London. I get to work along side some top hairstylists that have influenced the hair industry over the years. Athertoncox put together an Artistic team to enter in the 2009 British Hair awards. We made it to the finals and unfortunately lost out HOB's but I have to say that there collection was fantastic.

Here's a link to see all of the collections for the British Hair Finalists 2009.  Two of these pictures were published in Tribute Magazine, which is an industry magazine.

Photography: Desmond Murray
Make Up: Jo Sugar

Boardwalk Empire 1920's

Cassandra Rizzuto - Monday, July 18, 2011

When I think of Boardwalk Empire the first thing that comes to my mind is 1920's and Beautiful Dresses, Hair and Make up and that is exactly what came together.

This is one of my favorite era's as I love all of the Glitz and Glamour.  The rest of this shoot can be seen on Lovemydress

This hair style is was a popular one in the 20's and I rereated it by barrel curling all of our models hair in small sized curls. I then brushed them out and let them fall neatly into place. I then randomly pinned the bottom of her long hair up. I used a variety of Sexy Hair products. One of my favorites is there Volumising Dry Shampoo and I never leave home with out it if I am working on a shoot or a wedding. I find that it is the key to all of my styling. Another favorite is the Smooth and Seal spray. I use this one as a substitute to hairspray while I am creating my style. 

We shot outside at Alexandra Palace and our model was very brave as it was a cold, windy but a sunny March day. I love the view of London that you can see from the palace grounds. Kirsten Maveric was at the helm of this idea and she shot all of the images and brought us all together with Tiffany Grant-Riley who was styling using Lindsay Fleming Couture +  State of Grace dresses, Magpie Vintage pieces and Emmy Shoes.   Mariam Jensen is an amazing Make Up artist. Mariam specializes in HD Air brushing and teaches at the Jemma Kidd Make up school. 

Photography:Kirsten Maveric
Styling: Tiffant Grant- Riley
Make Up: Mariam Jensen
Dresses: Lindsay Fleming + State of Grace
Jewelery:Magpie Vintage
Shoes:Emmy Shoes
Hair Products: Sexyhair
Location: Alexandra Palace