Sian & Ross Wedding

Cassandra Rizzuto - Monday, April 30, 2012

 I had the pleasure of styling Sian Goddard's hair for her & Ross's wedding last summer and this was one  of the hottests days of the year. I was really happy when Sian showed me an image of how she wanted to have her hair for the wedding and this was definitely not your usual wedding hair style.  To Create this style I used a big ball shaped sponge and attached it to the crown area, I then took very small sections and lightly backcombed and pined to the sponge until all of Sian's hair was up. I then wrapped the double layered ribbon around the style and pinned the flower to complete her style.  

A few months after the wedding Sian asked me and Katy to re-create her Hair and Make Up from the wedding day so Ben from Touch Photography could do another shoot in London to get some more images before they moved to Sydney, Australia.

Here are my favorites from that day.  


Sian’s wedding dress was by Sassi Holford – called 'Maria' and her shoes were by Christain Dior .

Sian's make up was done by the extremely talented Katy Messer.


Chloe Alexandra Ruffell Styling-- Cambridge shoot.

Cassandra Rizzuto - Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is the second shoot that I have done with Chloe and I really had a good time on this one. We shot in Cambridge and boy was it cold outside that day. The models Chelsea and Morwenna were absolute troopers freezing their buts off in next to nothing. I just wish that I wore my trusted Ugg boots instead of my flimsy converse. I could not feel my legs from the knees down.

Once again Chloe put together an amazing team of people. The one thing I loved about this shoot was that the photographer Daniel Mahoney shot the whole thing on film and not digital . It was so hard not being able to see the images straight away but when I did get to see the images all I can say is OMG!!!! I absolutely love them.

Photographer-- Daniel Mahoney
Styling--Chloe Alexandra Ruffell
Make Up-- Gemma Jacobs
Model--Chelsea Tarbox (blonde)
Model-- Morwenna Coultate (brunette)
Hair--Cassandra Rizzuto

Here are the images.........

Hat club

Cassandra Rizzuto - Tuesday, February 21, 2012
HAT CLUB...... WHAT IS IT??????? 

It is ........... House Music Events For Clubbers With A Fanatical Sense Of Fun For Hats.

Hat Club is run by Damien Stone

I have done the Hat Club press posters for the year so I will be sharing as they are released. Here is the first one.....

Photographer-Peter Whitfield
Model/ Make Up- Emma Williams
Hair- Cassandra Rizzuto

60's inspired shoot

Cassandra Rizzuto - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The one thing I loved about the 60's was the Big and bouncy hair. I always think the bigger the better when it comes to creating these kind of styles.

The Model for the day was Scarlett Howard Model and I was so happy to see that she is a natural and true red head. This is my favourite hair colour in the world and I always wished I was a red head when I was a kid. I love how it makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd with its vibrancy.

I Also got to meet Michelle Court (the 2nd make up airbrusher I know) and Wow she really knows what she is doing. It's amazing how it looks flawless the make up looks on and off the camera.

Model- Scarlett Howard Model
Photographer-Peter Whitfield
Make Up- Michelle Court
Hair- Cassandra Rizzuto.



Cassandra Rizzuto - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back before Christmas  2011 I did a shoot with Emlilly Rogers. This shoot was to update her book with some new fashion images. I have worked with her on many occasions in the wedding world and it's always a good laugh to do so.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ruan Van Der Sande and his photography blew me away.

Models-Emlilly Rogers
Photographer- Ruan Van Der Sande
Make Up- Alicia Seffras
Hair- Cassandra Rizzuto


Ayah Marar

Cassandra Rizzuto - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The one thing I love about my job is the people I get to work with. I have known Ayah for a long time now and she is an amazing artist with an amazing voice.

I am always listening to her on my iPhone on the tube.

So when Ayah asked my to do her hair for her press releases for the year there was no question that my answer was YES. I absolutely love doing her hair. Ayah always has great ideas of how she wants to look and I love the challenge of creating them.

Artist- Ayah Marar
Photographer- Andrew Attah
Make Up- Mariam Jensen
Styling- Violetta Thalia
Assistant- Ruka Johnson (Owner of Sugarlesque)
HairStyling- Cassandra Rizzuto

Cliff Barns

Cassandra Rizzuto - Monday, October 10, 2011

 Lauren Williamson asked me to be involved in this shoot I was given the guidelines of 1950′s but I did not want the hair to look like we just played dress up with the Models, so I just went with what came to me on the day. Although I had in my head Quiffs and Rolls.

Our first look was some elegant loose curls to compliment the gorgeous dresses and brilliant make up by Lucy Baker

Then it was time to Rock it!!! With Abbie I went with a really high quiff but kept it textured and kept the back very sleek to make sure the quiff stood out. I styled the Quiff free handed with my fingers and my favourite hairspray Big Sexy Hair “Spray and Play Harder”, the name says it all.

Our second model Joss I went with a side roll, again with a lot of texture because her hair had previously been curled to spice things up a bit and give her a more of a New England charm (As seen in May’s 2011 Vogue Magazine).

The rest of this shoot can be seen on Rock My Wedding

Photography- Craig Williams Photography
Dress Supplier- Adamo Bridal

Make Up- Lucy Baker

Venue- Cliff Barns

Bright Bold Beautiful

Cassandra Rizzuto - Monday, October 10, 2011

Back in March I was asked to do a shoot by Louise at Bow Occassions and the briefing was Ecclectic Chic. I had so much fun with the looks for each our models.  I absoloutely love Red hair so I can't tell you how happy I was when Ethel turned up.  I gave each of the girls completely different styles to keep it original looking so I took Plaits, Rolls, Buns and Curls and got creative to keep in the Bold, Bright and Beautiful.

Louise had mentioned having a Plait in one of the styles so I decided to make Victoria's entire style a full plait to compliment the lovely big lashes that Mariam used.

Jess I gave her a 1940's style with a sleeker more modern edge to it to off set Victoria's style. With the girls both being blonde it looked fantastic when they were photographed together. For Jess's second look I went with a high bun but not to tight with some wisps of hair coming out.

 Again I love Red hair and always wished I was born with it so with Ethel I gave her a classic look of loose curls for that beautiful look but once there was a dress chang I backcombed all of her curls with my fingers to give her hair a lot more volume. It was great with her flowing dress.

You can see the rest of this shoot on Rock My Wedding and on Bow Occassion Blog.






Venue: Winters Barns, Canterbury, Kent

Styling and Design: Bow Occasions

Makeup:Mariam Jensen

Photography:Exhibit Emotions
Dresses: Adamo Bridal (Dress Designers – Alan Hannah, Cymbeline and Ugo Zaldi

Flowers: Blue Dove Weddings


Hats by Edwina Ibbotson

Cassandra Rizzuto - Monday, October 10, 2011

Ages ago I did a shoot with Edwina Ibbotson for her collection of hats.

She is an amazing designer and all of the detailing that goes into each of her designs blows me away each time.  Edwina has her studio in Battersea and is by appointment only Monday-Saturday 10:00am - 18:30pm.

45 Queens Road, Battersea


+44 (0) 20 7498 5390

Photographer: Moments Captured

Make up: Mariam Jensen

You can see more on Love my Dress.

Be Beautiful ----- BE BOLD!!!

Cassandra Rizzuto - Tuesday, August 02, 2011

BE BEAUTIFUL        BE BOLD          BE BEAUTIFUL           BE BOLD         BE BEAUTIFUL         BE BOLD

That is exactly what this shoot was all about.  It all started with a conversation with Severin Hubert while we were working on another project and this is where BE BEAUTIFUL was born.  After numerous late night phone conversations and e-mails we finally got the team together and what a team it was.  The photographs were taken by the very talented Nobu Yamaguchi  and styled by Tiffany Grant-Riley . The video was done by Dream Catchers and what a job they did as I am not very good in front of a camera and I was made to feel very comfortable. The location was the The Manor House at Headly  and the flowers were done by the brilliant By Appointment Only and the tasty Cakes were supplied by The cake Parlour. Last but not least Jo Kent and her expertise in PR.

This shoot was split in to 3 styles BE CHIC, BE BOLD, BE CLASSIC. I took on the the BE BOLD look with make up artist Mariam Jensen  and our beautiful model Chara Jackson. Mariam and I were inspired by Brigitte Bardot and Studio 54. Strong hair and make up. 

For our first look I did a very big beehive style and this was all of Chara's own hair. I wanted this style to have a modern feel to it so I kept it very textured and deconstructed.

With the second look of the Studio 54 feel I curled Chara's hair with a small iron to give her style a lot of bounce to compliment the jump suit that she was wearing.  I was lucky to fit a third look in the days shoot  so I took all of Chara's curly hair and pined it all on top of her head to sit well with the beaded head piece that she was wearing. One of my favorite pictures is of Chara is of her in mid air. 

You can see the rest of the shoot on Love my Dress. with full credits to the rest of the artist involved in the BE CHIC and BE CLASSIC looks. 

Make up- Mariam Jensen , Model:Chara Jackson , Nails: Elizabeth Shell , Trouser suit: Circa vintage brides , Belen Pink Dress:Kate Halfpenny , Beaded Head Piece: William Chambers , Hat: Fieldstaffs , Shoes: Harriet Wilde